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(Video) Disposabowl vs rubber bowl...

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Compared to the traditional rubber bowls used for mixing alginate, plaster or stone in the dental practice, the main reason to switch over to Disposabowl (disposable mixing bowls) is so dental patients get a contamination-free procedure.

We all know that the traditional rubber bowls are never sterilized. They do not fit for cold sterilization and would melt in the heat sterilizer. Disposabowl (disposable mixing bowls), however, never need to be sterilized and carry no risk of spreading infections.

Our recyclable, disposable mixing bowls are better because dental assistants can work faster. There is no need to spend time washing dirty bowls and unclogging drains of residue. Patients always see a clean bowl instead of a re-purposed one that could be contaminated.

Disposabowl is sold online and in a package of 50 bowls that are 100% recyclable. It is a dental product that was invented by a dental assistant for other dental practitioners. See our video tutorial below for more details!

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